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About the Assamese Department
The Assamese (MIL) as a subject was introbuced on 1990-91 in the T D C level by Pradip kumar Kalita, Riju Bora and Krishna Bora. At the beging of the college, Riju Bora and Krishna Bora also helped by teaching in the Assamese department. After few days Luna Moni Borah joined the Assamese department in 1992. Kalpana sarma was also appointed in the Assamese department. Riju Bora, Krishna Borah and kalpana Sarma quit the job of a teacher and dropped out of college due to personal difficulties after working for a few years. Jyoti Rekha Keot joined the service on July 14th, 1999 and Nanima Deka also joined the service on 29th January, 2010. Luna Moni received her Ph D degree from Guwahati University in 2004. The ASL (Assamese Second Language) as a subject also started in 2000. The Major in Assamese was started in 2006. Mr. Pradip Kumar Kalita, Assistant Professor of the Assamese department was expired on 30th Octobor in 2012. He was serving as principal of Samaguri College. He died before the end of his service period. Dr Luna Moni Borah, HoD, has been elevated to the post of principal of Samaguri College in 2012. Dr Luna Moni Borah retired service as Principal of Samaguri College on 28th February in 2021. Miss Jyoti Rekha Keot has taken the charge of HoD on 9th November 2012. Mrs Nanima Deka was given the responsibility of HoD in 2017. Jyoti Rekha Keot has been given the responsibility of the headship again since in 2021. Jyoti Rekha Keot has now started pursuring her Ph. D, in MSSV. The Assamese department has two guest faculties. Guest faculty Arihana Saikia and Utpal jyoti Patar helped in completing the syllabus in the class. Now department work is going on with the help of two regular teachers and guest teachers in the department.

The present staff of the Department are as follows
1. Mis Jyoti Rekha Keot. M.A., M.Phil, SLET,Ph.D (Ongoing)
2. Mrs Nanima Deka .M.A.
3. Mrs Arihana Saikia. M.A., (Guest faculty)
4. Mr Utpal Jyoti Patar. M.A.(Double), (Guest faculty)

Course :
1. BA Honours Course (CBSC)
2. BA Regular Course (CBSC)

Aims and Objectives of Assamese Department :

1. Organized Lectures, Seminars, Group Discussions etc,on Assames various Topic in the Department and College level.
2. Organized Educational Field Trips for the Students and Faculty Members of the Assamese Department .
3. To give encouragement to the students for Higher Studies and Research .
4.Takeing up efforts to develop an inter-divisive view on issues among students.
5.The Assamese Department takes care to teach the students about the necessary research or academic writing.
6.To establish a permanent bond of relationship between students and teachers as well as a process of development of the department.
7. The develop good habits among the students as well as teachers of the department like reading his/ her subject related Books ,Magazine and Journal, attending Seminer and Lectures etc.
8.To encourage the students to write articles on News Papers, College Magazine and other published Assamese Magazine on Assamese Language, Literature and Colture .
9. To provide guidance and counselling to the student of the department.
10.To consultations and decisions are taken along with exchange of views between our student’s parents and teachers of the department in parent meeting.

National / State level Workshop :
One Day Online National Workshop was jointly Organized by the Dept. of
Geography and Assamese in collaboration with Research Cell, Samaguri College
in 15th March, 2022. The subject of the workshop was “ Quality Enhancement
Programme on E-Learing for Teachers” .
One Day Online State level Workshop was jointly Organized by the Dept. of Assamese , and IQAC of Samaguri College and Dept. of Assamese, MSSV in 8th June ,2022.The subject of the workshop was – “ Creative Writing : Theory and Prectical Aspect”.
One week Online Feculty Development Progrem was jointly Organized by the Dept.of Assamese and IQAC, Samaguri College in collaboration with MSSV in 21st June to 27th June, 2022. The subject of the Feculty Development Progrem was “Research Methodology and Its Implementation for Academic Upliftment. Dept of Assamese and IQAC, Samaguri College with Dept. of Assamese, MSSV, Supported by IQAC, MSSV (Online) Venue: Samaguri College 21st June 27th June, 2022 , 2022

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