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About the Department:
History as a subject was introduced in 1990 in UG level by Hara Kanta Bora, the founder teacher of the college. Till 1995 he was a sole teacher of the department. In the year 1996 Ms Bithika Bora has joined in the department. The subject got Gauhati University affiliation in the year 1995-96 and permanent affiliation in the year 2009-10. History as a major subject was started from 2013 onwards with one student.

Vision and Mission of the History Department:
1. All round development of the students by encouraging them to participate in all the activities of the college as well as in their own locality.
2. Help to appreciate rich cultural heritage of India by organizing national festivals as well as local festivals in the departments.
3. Help students to develop international understanding and universal brotherhood.
4. Inculcate the value of truthfulness, courageous, just and selflessness among the students by giving example of the heroes of our past.
5. Socialization of pupils and development of right attitude.
6. Development of sense of belonging-belonging to a place, to a community, to a nation and to the world.
7. Develop emotional and national integration.
8. Help to cherish and follow the noble ideas that inspired the national struggle for freedom by observing national days.
9. Encourage girls’ education.
Organize workshop, seminar, quiz, field trip, excursion, project to enrich the syllabus
Teaching Faculty
The present staff of the Department is as follows -
1. Ms. Bithika Borah, M.A, Bed, LLB ( Specialization- Modern Period)
2. Mr. Kameswar Deka., M.A ( Specialization- Modern Period)
3. Ms. Rumi Barlow, M.A Bed, SLET, ( Specialization- Ancient Period )

Course Offered
Non- CBCS-
a) Major b) General

a) Honours b) Regular

Results since 2017, Department of History 6th semester

year Total no. of students appeared Number of students passed Pass percentage Remark
2017 16 13 81.25
2018 13 10 76.92
2019 16 13 81.25
2020 15 07 47.66
2021 21 14 66.66

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