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Profile: Arabic Department
The Arabic as a subject was introduced on 01-01-2001. The subject of Arabic got permission for session 2000-2001.Arabic department got govt. concurrence for the session 2005. In the U.G level by Nurul Islam joined 12- 02- 2001` and Bodruz Zaman joined 11-05-2001 as a Assistant Professor in the Samaguri college.Both are founder teacher of the department. Anjuma Ahmed joined as a Assistant Professor in the year of 2008.Arabic as a major subject was started from 2013, with only two students.
Aims and Objectives of Arabic Department
i. To provide guidance and counseling to the students of the department
ii. To create alertness among the students education and social problems and possible solutions.
iii. To give encouragement to the students for higher studies and research.
iv. To develop an inter-disciplinary approach on the subject among students.
v. To organize Group Discussions in the Department.
Present faculties:
1. Nurul Islam M.A.
2. Bodruz Zaman M.A.
3. Anjuma Ahmed M.A.
Results (Pass course)
Year Total no of Appeared Total no of Passed Passed % Remarks
2016 17 15 88.23%
2017 20 18 90.00%
2018 16 13 81.25%
2019 12 10 83.33%
2020 16 12 75.00%
2021 31 25 80.64%

Future Plan
1. To publish departmental Magazine
2. Departmental fund creation
3. Organization of state level seminar on Arabic Literature

Department of Arabic
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