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Department Profile: At a Glance
Samaguri College was established in 1990 under Gauhati University. At that time effort for granting permission was initiated by selecting various important subjects that were needed to be opened. As a General subject Economics was selected at that time and date of part I affiliation was on 23rd December, 1995 and Part II affiliation was on 20th August, 1999.Initially three lecturers were appointed accordingly Kakali Baruah, Bijuli Bora and Tribeni Bora. Later on, Samaguri College was rewarded as a permanent college after getting permission and affiliation from Gauhati University as well as from Assam government. Simultaneously, our economics department also got the status of permanent department of Samaguri College. In the year of 1998 Governing body of college has permanently appointed two lecturers, namely Utpal Baruah and Minakhi Goswami. They had been smoothly run the department. Later on, student’s enrolment are gradually increases year by year, so the greater interest of students, G.B. has decided to appoint one more lecturer. So, Hiranya Kr. Sharma has been appointed as lecturer on 2010. The college was provincialized by the Government of Assam w. e. f. 01. 01. 2013 and the post of Utpal Baruah and Minakhi Goswami was sanctioned by DHE, Govt. of Assam, before that it was running as venture College. Before provincialization, all the faculty members have sacrificed their valuable time for teaching profession with a minimum honorarium. The third post holder Mr. Hiranya Kr. Sharma also got approval w. e. f. January 2021 from the Govt. of Assam. Now the department is running smoothly with three assistant professors, accordingly Utpal Baruah, Minakhi Goswami and Hiranya Kumar Sharma. At present Mr. Hiranya Kr. Sharma has been given the responsibility of the headship from the year 2021.
The Major course in Economics was started under the permission of college in 2015. Now, the college is going to take `major` permission from Guwahati University as soon as possible.

The Present Staff of the Department are as follows-

1. Mr. Utpal Baruah, M.A.
2. Mrs. Minakhi Goswami, M.A. M. Phil
3. Mr. Hiranya Kumar Sharma, M.A. SLET

Vision: To create the awareness among the students of the world economy and Indian economy and to discuss current issues and impart relevant knowledge and career oriented education in Economics.

Aims and Objectives of Department:
i) Distribution of courses and prepare a lesson plan for teaching.
ii) To provide educational guidance and career counseling to the students of the department.
iii) To organize lectures, seminars, group discussions etc. on economic issues in the college level.
iv) To organize Seminars and Conferences in the State, Zonal and National level with other collaborators.
v) To generate awareness among the students of department to undertake Field Work, Team Work, Project Work etc.
vi) To organize Educational Excursions and Field Trips for the students and Faculty members.
vii) To encourage the students to write articles on newspapers, college magazine and other magazine also.
viii) To create an eco-friendly environment and healthy atmosphere in the Forum as well as in the department.
ix) To give encouragement to the students for Higher Studies and Research.
x) To create alertness among the students about the various socio-economic problems and their possible solutions.
xi) To establish a permanent bond of relationship between students and teachers as well as a process of development of the department.
xii) To develop an inter-disciplinary approach on the subject among students.

Courses offered --
1. Under Graduate- CBCS Regular (HG/RC)
2. Under Graduate CBCS Honours
Future Plan and Project:
a) We are going to publish an ISBN Book in this academic year.
b) We are going to form a departmental fund for poor student and help to poor students in our adopted village.
c) We have a plan to open a medicinal garden in our campus.
d) Three months certificate nursery course is shortly open in this academic year.

Mr. Hiranya Kumar Sharma
HoD, Department of Economics
Samaguri College

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