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"Knowledge is the holiest thing in this World"
The old, huge and green trees around Samaguri College welcomes the visitors at the threshold .It is an everlasting idol of knowledge situated at the green alter of Nature rightly chosen by the esteemed founders and Land donors of the College .

The College, established on 1st March, 1990, gradually becomes a full-fledged Degree Arts College after getting affiliation from Gauhati University and being provincialised in 2013, has been leading the youth of different tribes and communities of the surrounding educationally, intellectually and culturally.

The overall curriculum of the College includes honours in eight optional subjects along with other compulsory subjects. From this session , five new self financed certificate courses of three months namely Kushilava (Drama), Pokha (Nursery), Prana-Ayam (Yoga) and Lingua- Franca, (Spoken English) Smart Gen (Computer literacy ) are going to be introduced and preparation for that is going on . The college has been adopting several plans such as sports activities for physical development ,some specific activities for intellectual and educational development of the students . In addition to this , to inculcate the value of social responsibility in the students, a unit of N.S.S. is also formed.

The teachers having long term experience sacrificed their prime for the all-round development of the students with nominal honorarium and have attained today’s position. I am confident enough that the future of all the students will be secured and flourished rightly in the hands of these teachers . The alumni passed out successfully from this institution have been serving in different walks of life of the society are the marks asserting this. Having the age old Indian wonderful tradition of Guru-Shishya at the core , the College is ceaselessly progressing on its journey along the path of knowledge and wisdom by studying ,teaching and exploring knowledge .

With this cherished hope here I cite the hymn from the Upanishad :-
Ohm Asato Maa Sad-Gamaya
amaso Maa Jyotir-Gamaya
Lead , Kindly light , amid the encircling gloom .
Lead thou me on-
The night is dark , and I am far from home .
Lead thou me on.
(A hymn by Saint John Henry Newman),

Dr. Indrajit Bezbarua
Samaguri College

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